Um...we need a Freebs field trip here. #JustSayin
#FCFtravel #PagesTakeTheCaribbean
  • funcheaporfree⛱🤸🏼‍♂️☀️
    Um...we need a Freebs field trip here. #JustSayin
    #FCFtravel #PagesTakeTheCaribbean

  • thatgoldgirlI'll be there in five days!!!
  • kenleysmommyAwesome picture!
  • simpletransformationsDang girl, you've got some hops!!
  • sarah_nittaLeggggs! 😍
  • lizaluvstyYou got some air!!
  • onehavenmavenSo fun! I would love a tropical vacay this year, but I'm from eastern Canada 🇨🇦and haven't ever taken the fam there and we've been married for 15 years! 🙀This is the year! Great legs lady 😉
  • morgan810YES!! Put together a big trip!! That would be awesome.
  • camillecctiborYou look so good!
  • biceps.after.babiesSuch a fun picture!!
  • cherareeseThe toys were fun but did you find the actual beach rocky? Wasn't my favorite ... loved the pool too.
  • mainstreetpalsGorgeous!
  • lularoecrystal@funcheaporfree greats location for a FREEBS CON
  • laceypage123Nice hops! 👊🏻
  • neishacbellI just went there on Thursday! So much fun!!!
  • fermena30Yass
  • fermena30You're in my country! Have a wonderful time
  • fermena30🔝🔝👏🏻
  • this.fair.lady@funcheaporfree I just found your page/blog and it's so inspiring! Do you have any posts about retirement/investing? That's my passion! I'm so interested to know you and your hubbies thoughts and plans regarding retirement and investment accounts now that you have conquered your dream home goal!!! 🙌🙌🙌💕
  • cs.travelJordan! You need to talk to me the next time you go to Italy. I just watched your YouTube video and agree that $5K is a fantastic deal. But we are also traveling to Italy this spring and the recent airfare deals have been amazing. Our trip will be just over $5K including our sitter, flights and the entire trip for 16 days! Including a Mediterranean cruise out of Genoa that goes to Rome, Marseille, Palma De Mallorca and Barcelona. While in Italy we are traveling to Pisa, Lucca, Genoa, Milan, Verona, Venice, Cinque Terre and Florence. I lived in Italy, so I am familiar with traveling by train, etc... but it's not as intimidating as you might think and totally doable. Usually the most expensive thing is getting there. So seriously, check with me next time so I can tip you off if there are some good deals floating around. And I realize you don't really know me, ha, but I applied to work with you and had to drop out of the running because of a huge opportunity to be in charge of a cruise. I love all things travel if you ever need any good tips! I started a small Insta { @cs.travel } to start sharing some of my ideas. I don't know when you're headed to Italy, but I'll be sharing some extensive tips once we are back from our trip. Happy travels, you will LOVE it. I lived near Florence for a year and it definitely holds a piece of my heart. Buon Viaggo!
  • mrstown@funcheaporfree Okay I just found out that we're going on at all expense paid trip to a resort in Jamaica. I need some cute and affordable tropical outfit ideas. Do you have any suggestions? You always look adorable, can you post any pictures of your outfits on your vacation?
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