• maggiereedworksMy baby is 18! I'm gonna use my mommy prerogative here to brag a bit, so hold onto your hats.... Matt is an awesome young man. There's nothing like hearing from other parents, teachers, and coaches that your kid is kind, considerate, well-mannered, polite, and seeks to excel. He's fun-loving with a wicked wry sense of humor.
    Naturally athletic, accomplished on the football field as a kicker, safety, defensive end, & QB, Matt earned the most prestigious award offered by his high school, The PRIDE OF THE RIDGE award. And he's top-notch as a pitcher and outfielder in baseball; plus he's on the high honor roll with his grades.
    Matt's always been determined to excel in all he does, with an independent & strong sense of who he is. And, what I consider to be his greatest asset, he's extremely intuitive, and sensitive to not only his own feelings, but to those of others. He wants to understand how and why things work as they do. It's that curiosity that's always driven him to find answers.
    Accepted into many colleges already, including Fordham, I've no doubt he'll choose the right one for the brightest future for himself.
    It's life's true gift to me that I can honestly say that I respect and admire both of my sons tremendously.
    I couldn't be more proud of Matt on this day of celebrating his birth. 👍💖🏈⚾️🏋️‍♀️🏂🎂👏🌟🎉 May many unexpected miracles find their way to you every day, my dear son. You deserve every one of them.

  • madeleinesophiebarkerHappy birthday to Matt!
  • mattcast1👏👏👏😎
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