• oxfamamerica@realdonaldtrump - We condemn your plan to slam the door on the world’s most vulnerable people. We will not stand by as you cut refugee resettlement and ban people from visiting the US based on their religion or country of origin. We support welcoming more refugees and upholding the strong American legacy of helping vulnerable people in their time of need.
    Sign our petition to President Trump now: oxfamamerica.org/standwithrefugees

  • wolfberryshopAgree support is what they need
  • hamadkadventuresYou've got my support even though I am not an American citizen, I seriously respect you for standing up in a time where everyone might be doing the opposite!! Keep at it, you guys are amazing!
  • melody_hossainiThank you for making this statement!!! We're with you. #peace
  • practical_conservationWow!
  • earth_warrior_queenYes & maybe foreigners will also not want to visit the US now.... Goodbye tourist dollars!! 🗽😪🇺🇸
  • koebrick1Thank you for having a voice🌸
  • srikaraddankiHey @oxfamamerica , put that link in the bio, it'll be easy for others
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