• giac_tuningGIAC 991.2 Turbo S software now available for 2016+ models! This calibration delivers peak to peak gains of 50 - 60 horsepower and 40 - 50 torque. The car now reaches over 630 HP, as opposed to the 580HP at baseline. The program offers smooth part throttle driving and gear transitions, but a substantial increase in power at full load. Software features include added boost, changes to fuel and timing, and higher torque limits. We are the first tuner in the world to offer 991.2 Turbo engine software calibrations. Special thanks to @championmotorsport for their support during product development and testing! See FB for dynoplots and testing!

  • moalbaker@giac_tuning congrats. That's amazing guys, what was the baseline dyno result for 991.2 turbo s please?
  • autodynamica👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻
  • giac_tuning@moalbaker 580HP baseline, 632 HP GIAC
  • hyetiko@giorgakis02
  • moalbaker@giac_tuning awesome
  • montanapelakCome out with maps for the Giulia
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