When the Dutch newspaper #NRC invited photographer Ed van der Elsken in 1988 to choose an image to write a text for, he didn't choose a photo from one of the photographers he admired. Instead, he picked one from his own archive: a wall in Amsterdam on which a child had written: "Leve ik" (Long live me).
Van der Elsken:"That wall text made me crazy with enthusiasm. The innocence, long live me! This perfectly acceptable bragging, vitality [...] You would do me a great pleasure, dear reader, if you cut out this photograph and put it above your bed. Everytime you wake up you can think about that child from 1958 [...] and sometimes you can say to yourself: Long live me."
Ed van der Elsken, Nieuwe kerkstraat, Amsterdam (1958). Nederlands Fotomuseum ©Ed van der Elsken / Collection Ed van der Elsken Estate
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