"It's All I Know " See you Soon !!! 👊👊👊#UGKING #UFC #THNQ #EAfight
  • ealvarezfight"It's All I Know " See you Soon !!! 👊👊👊#UGKING #UFC #THNQ #EAfight

  • mamba14srgVs the homie @natediaz209 here in Dallas!
  • hockeyguy7575Let's go kid
  • dillonperez26Nate Diaz gonna whoop you
  • pierovalLets go eddie ! Kick the Diaz brothers ass!
  • robashinNate gonn whoop that ass
  • britton_gammonsBout to get that ass whooped by Nate!! #209 #stockton
  • kemikal_xYou let Conor bully you and took your belt without even putting up a fight I was so disappointed
  • chivero775Never quit huh🤔 Didnt you quit and didnt even try when you Mcflinch
  • chivero775Never quit huh🤔 Your ass didnt even try when Mcflinch humiliated your sorry ass and took your belt like nothing.. You fucked up!
  • ctusinI hope Eddie had more than 8 minutes this time. I believe in Santa Claus !!
  • tkaba.74WAR DIAZZ
  • luckyjess7Gonna get that Stockton slap...
  • mt_tbeFight with Nate. Prove that you are the best
  • slumpgodtklol stockton slap
  • josephsurbaLike Andy off of a bye week. Next ones #Flawless. Whoop his ass champ.
  • carlodasasLETS GO LOSER.
  • audio_afterglowMy grandma could beat your azz
  • jack_albann7U stupid fucking cunt who do u think u are!? U and ur family are a bunch of fat ugly disgusting fkn cunts!? U can't fkn train u get ur ass beat by everyone u bald fucken shit. Nate is gonna rearrange ur face and fix ur jaw line u stupid fuck. Ur fkn cringe no one supports u not even ur own city and ur family is beat like ur career u underground aids fkn fighter
  • donnythemick@ealvarezfight conor KO'd ya bum ass in less than 2 rounds
  • mizfig73I have this shirt signed by you!!
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