Run the galaxy, girls.
Ryder, Vetra, and Peebee by Marceline2174 
#MassEffect #Andromeda
  • biowarebaseRun the galaxy, girls.
    Ryder, Vetra, and Peebee by Marceline2174
    #MassEffect #Andromeda

  • johndonohue@brotha_rich_hung just wondering, what role would you rather see them fill? In other words, what exactly do you define as a "female role"? The term "male roles" is a function of the society you live in. There are no "male roles" or "female roles" outside of the realm of conception. There are only Human Roles.
  • brotha_rich_hung@johndonohue I guess the role of birth giving is just outside the realm of conception, because you know, guys do that all the time. Watching a woman give birth, or seeing a single mom raise a child shows how women can be strong. Not Ronda Rousey mean-mugging the camera acting like a hard ass.
  • johndonohue@brotha_rich_hung I don't think you're fully understanding the use of the phrase "outside the realm of conception" since you simply refigured and restated what I said. OUTSIDE of the realm of CONCEPTION, there are no differences in roles. Outside of giving birth, there are no differences in roles. This game sets place in the space....if you really think these characters should be watered down to strictly maternal roles, that's an issue you need to work out. FemShep didn't raise children or give birth and she was still a badass, as with every other female character. You can't put women in a box and say "they're only strong when they raise children" because that simply isn't true. Women can be badasses however they want, children or no children. "Ronda Rousey mean-mugging" is one form of a woman's strength. I'm sure you don't mean any harm by it, but you're a tad misguided.
  • brotha_rich_hung@johndonahue Hey dude I disagree with your opinion but I'm not going to tell you that your misguided. I'm ignorant sure, but not ignorant enough to say "you're wrong, I'm right, that's the way it is". And you're right I misunderstood what you meant about the realm of conception the first time. After re-reading that I get what you were saying. I'm not saying those are the only times women can be strong, those were strong examples that I've witnessed in my own experience. And citing examples of badass women in video games or movies doesn't really support your argument much, since that's not real. The fact is, most women generally can't do what men can do physically. That there are exceptions only proves that it's a rule. So shoving a bunch of hot female hero's down our throat and telling us it's the norm is unrealistic and only serves to take away from my immersion of the game knowing that it's simply to comply with the current societal trend that is civil rights in today's day and age. It's based off of a nice idea, but one that ultimately proves to take away from the survival of the fittest law which got us to where we are in the first place. Men are physically superior, and more logical, constituting the fact that they make better leaders in combat situations.
  • brotha_rich_hung@johndonohue
  • sapphiclilyGeez, bioware, give credit to the artist...
  • johndonohue@brotha_rich_hung that's cool dude I'm happy that you're sure of yourself, it's a quality you don't see often. I wholeheartedly disagree with you but I'm not going to entertain this further. Agree to disagree.
  • finalbosslootAwesome 😂
  • pantydropper_mkThis might be my first mass effect i play, new galaxy, new begginings!
  • kuzunohonkaishi bioware. varric fell down a cliff and now i cant leave his character bc he respawns DOWN THE CLIFF. ill have to do the quest again i want to die.
  • illuminati_puppetHey @biowarebase can you acquire the rights to the Deus Ex series? Square Enix has no future plans in place and they've basically gave us fans a slap in the face. I believe you guys at Bioware could make an amazing conclusion to the Adam Jensen trilogy and possibly even remaster the original Deus Ex. Please acquire the rights to Deus Ex!
  • illuminati_puppetBioware please acquire the rights to the Deus Ex series
  • freeman_n7Peebee is a girl ?
  • 414scream@brotha_rich_hung we're discussing a photograph where 2/3 of the characters are fictional species from outer space but sure an all female crew is not true to life lol,, you don't care about realism you're just sexist
  • brotha_rich_hungFrom your picture and your comment I can deduce that you like art and own a cat. Probably some form of vegan. Does that likely accurate statement make me sexist? @414scream
  • illuminati_puppetAnyone think the Deus Ex series is perfect for Bioware? Deus Ex fans please let me know. If you like Mankind Divided then we need to work together to save the series. We don't want to wait 10 years or possibly longer for a sequel. Bioware could continue with the same format but they could do it even better.
  • analeigh_chachki@aasim_bickiya because of three girls? How does that make sense?
  • mythicallouUs Girls run the galaxy
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