• artinadplacesAd takeover #4 of 52 is by @__moreferalthan__ and #EricLoundy.
    Eric says, "We're participating in this project to raise awareness and ultimately resistance against the current administration's development of orders and actions that lead to vile and inhumane environmental degradation, especially the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL. This image was humbly created in solidarity with the Water Protectors of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and all Natives and allies standing up on the front-line in resistance to the advancement of the DAPL." Photo by @lunapark

    #nodapl #standingrock #waterislife #adtakeover #artinadplaces #adbust #monicacanilao

  • jordanseilerSolidarity!
  • imago_nautIs this still up? Where is this exactly?
  • artinadplaces@imago_naut unfortunately, no. It lasted a couple of weeks, but it's been removed now.
  • imago_nautOh, okay, thank you anyway
  • artinadplaces@imago_naut yeah, we wish it was still up, but the company that manages the payphone ads likes to remove the posters we install.
  • imago_nautI am glad you are doing it anyway. I wonder what they do with them after they're removed.
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