• octanecoffee#tbt to Joel's Octane glamour shot and the time he built us a bar for MA! Out of CARDBOARD! It was amazing! We're sad to say his last day is next Friday, Feb 3rd. He's been one fine barista, sales manager, and all-around good dude--he was our own MacGyver and we'll miss the heck out of him!! Give him a solid hug and some 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽the next time you see him >>> glamour shot by @jimmyrowalt

  • coffeedrknssMad ❤️!!
  • futuristicalnurGood luck on your future, Joel!
  • carmarardaDang!!! I remember when he thought the grinder was broken but it was just outta beans. He all grown up and doing big things!!! ❤️❤️ @basicbilly
  • basicbillyHa @carmararda I remember that too I was stressed. 😳
  • josephstagnaroI remember when he was a customer and came in everyday for a caramelatto. You're going to do big things @basicbilly
  • tideandbloomJoel!!! @basicbilly wishing you good luck with whatever your next step is.
  • basicbillyHa @josephstagnaro yea caramelatto's are the gateway to coffee. I still love them, I think I'm only going to drink those until next Friday.
  • andalexanderNice!
  • octanecoffeeTHIS THURSDAY 2/2, we'll be toasting Joel a proper farewell at the #octanegrantpark location around 6p-ish. Please join us in giving some heartfelt hugs 🤗
  • kyle_morais❤️❤️
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