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  • kristycambronThis is rainbow-chasing in Ireland... The incredible moment we realized looking for a Medieval stone fort wasn't going to happen -- but something far better WAS!
    This is how is it in our faith walk, isn't it? We're lost on a one-lane road sometimes, looking for the adventure we've been chasing when all along, He's planned something far better. I will never forget the way it felt the moment we filmed this. You should have seen our smiles! We found them again! After so much time traveling a road we'd stepped out on, God made it clear why we were there. And He made it even more clear that He was there with us.
    I love LOVE when He makes a moment so personal, we know it's for us. So step out today -- even if it's scary. Even if you're lost. And especially if you've been chasing that dream for a while and are unsure if you can keep going. Do it anyway. Today could be THE DAY the landscape explodes in color!!!! #rainbow #wanderlust #EXPLORE #exploreIreland #ringofkerry #rainbowchasing #authorsofinstagram #author #authorslife #researchtrip #Ireland_gram #findyoursmile

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