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  • chiefsAlex Smith mic'd up. #ProBowl #ChiefsKingdom

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  • mefgodbigLets go chiefs
  • mefgodbigFans are hurt because of lost things were blame on alexs smith out of frustration i mean right is right and wrong is wrong i blame him to but it is what it is cant take anything back whats said is said as a fan i wanna see the chiefs do better . And i say things cause i want to see them win.
  • andrewdacar@yungbari
  • yungbari@andrewdacar Phillip should teach him how to be a real QB
  • uspatriot72Really people still actually watch the powder puff Pro Bowl? Amazing. It's about as good as the Super Bowls ridiculous halftime concerts anymore. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katie Perry, Bruno Mars give me a break, I guess that's for the ladies!!
  • mefgodbigAt times as a fan i blame everybody i was even gonna put some things down about coach andy reid .But its things that the fans questioned about him to. I do think he do be a lil conservative at times.And i believe he should change the west coast offense at times. Personally i dont think it works playoff time after watching the playoffs this year it kinda shows you need a passing game.These good quarterbacks we experiencing now is showing some good skills. Not saying you cant win a superbowl without no quaterback cause tampa bay won with trent dilfer they had a good defense when they won.Yeah players get hurt and injuries are a part of the game.But in football next man up and the chiefs have done great on that part i must say. When charles went down and justin houston got hurt i thought it was over for them you guys played well.I gotta say how about them chiefs. Big offseason fellas no need panic you guys go out win the afc wests again.You can do it have faith keep up the good work.
  • lucascramsey@mefgodbig Dilfer actually won a super bowl with Baltimore.
  • mynameisireland@mr_why_fan_page
  • jorgopapapostolu☺️💪
  • m_i_2r@yungbari like throw a whole bunch of interceptions Alex
  • randallchuck#kcchiefs !!
  • henry.allen@manny.dalone
  • mefgodbigYeah he did dilfer did win with baltimore well that year tampa bay won they didnt have a good quaterback either
  • kylar.poortResign Eric Berry he wants to come back
  • mattinkcRivers with the tucked in jogging pants lol
  • dumpinonemAlex congrats on phenomenal year! Still hate u dont air it out deep but guess you cant have it all!!! Easily top 5 QB in NFL and VERY MUCH ELITE
  • onlystarliner@mefgodbig blaming is for losers...
  • guccirubiio@dumpinonem if he was top 5 you would've won the steelers
  • sarahmason5_@_monica_mak_ that's my bby😍😘
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