• vitrifiedstudioI'm back in the studio with NEWS, after a long break. It took me a week to recover from NZ. But the four of us made it, that includes the baby boy due in June that happily traveled along in my growing belly. I have a big list of open orders to dive into, a few dinner sets, dreams of finalizing my 2017 color palette, and lots of work to do for the upcoming #nceca exhibition in my gallery. I hope to get lots done in these next months, and then hopefully take a little break once the baby comes. If there is someone in Portland interested in sharing the gallery with me after March, please let me know. I would love to find someone else with a similar aesthetic who could also use the small space, for working and showing their work, it doesn't need to be a ceramic artist if the workstation needs are small. Thanks for following along, 2017 is already looking to be full of big changes. #vitrifiedstudiocollection

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