• ufitsingaporeDID YOU KNOW? Only 50% of women know how to use their pelvic floor muscles correctly and exercise in pregnancy has been found to reduce pregnancy- related back and pelvic pain and improve energy levels and mood. *As part of signing up all participants will get a free one on one half hour pelvic floor muscle assessment with our Women's Health Physio Kelly. Our second 8 week programme starts February 4th with only a few spots left to help you with your journey to parenthood.

    Find out more information on how we can help you in your journey to motherhood with a supportive network of weekly seminars with experts from Nutrition, Exercise, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Meditation to educate and answer your questions on what is best for you, for your body, and your baby on your Pre-natal journey.
    We educate you on the best nutritional plan for you and your baby, the do’s-and-do-not’s of exercising while pregnant, the physical changes taking place in your body, and how to remain mentally prepared as you count down the days to your big day.

    We look forward to seeing you there, find out more here... www.ufitclinic.com/prenatal

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