• kaspianshoreClose to finishing this one up for a show at @moderneden this April.
    I dread waking up these days. I have no words that would describe how I feel about what is happening in the world right now. How things that seemed natural yesterday, can no longer be taken for granted. How the ugly face of the past—of blindness and hatred, of ignorance and oppression—is so relentlessly on the rise again that I fear for the future and for our people. Be kind and be watchful, and protect those around you who can't stand up for themselves.
    #kaspianshore #wip #art #painting #oilpainting #oils #woodpanel

  • sativaegaoYou are the best artist I've ever seen on insta. Your artworks are stunning. You have the real talent give by some great powers. The faces you create have the soul, they look like they are alive, have emotions and dreams. That is really something unbelievable. I think you are spending your whole life for creating more and more amazing works, and that is wonderful! Does your nickname come from the Caspian Sea? :3 Thank you for the things you give to the world. Hope that in future kids will study your works during their art classes)
  • pompei_77Очень реалистичная работа. Безумно красиво и чувственно!
  • gloria_practiceI love your art❤
  • xijustwanttodrawxAMAZING 😍
  • art_my_wonderland😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • vienagilbertis that your self portrait?
  • paula.163@lauramoon01 😍
  • wagner_art1👏👏👏👏❤✏
  • artbyantzDefinitely awesome
  • noiamarSo beautiful
  • hsiaoronchengKas you're doing better and better🙌🏼
  • kaspianshore@hsiaoroncheng You too, Ronny!! The recent work is so beautiful! 💕
  • forastera___Riannon pls look at these because they're so beautiful @riannondavies
  • riannondavies@forastera___ they're beautiful!
  • normaeartsawesome work!
  • youarethebeeskneesThis is incredible!! So inspired
  • sketch_studySo much great work👌
  • oliv.minamazing *-*
  • gemstone0226🍬🌈⭐️
  • fashionilloToo cute
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