• lardermeatcoTHE SUPER BOWL IS CANCELLED! Never bring a wiener to a sausage party!
    Those are jokes. 🤡
    A good chili contains both meat and beans. .
    That's no joke. 😳
    Super Bowl Boxes are in the shop now with a pound 👊🏻 of Mangalitsa Brats, a pound 👊🏻 of Spicy Dry-aged Beef Sausage, and a pound 👊🏻 of magic beans we traded a nice old man for our cow👌🏻✨. Magic beans make for magical chili. Did we mention we're throwing in a can of salsa?!💃🏼
    Don't wait until the fourth quarter to snag this Hail Mary, because on Game Day there's only winners and losers - save the pigs in a blanket for the office parties.

  • behindtheknifeVery cool! Check us out too :)
  • fuegogrills🔥
  • jenawils@melodypgallagher
  • melodypgallagherI saw this😁 may have to get it❤
  • lardermeatcoBe a hero on Game Day @melodypgallagher be a hero!!!
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