• artbarblogIf you live in or around Maplewood, New Jersey, come to my free art event at Words this weekend!!! it starts at 2pm and I will be signing books and selling my t-shirts. I would love LOVE to meet you!! bring friends, and share this flyer!! ❤

  • aks07I wish I lived in bit closer because I would come for sure. I hope you have an amazing turnout!
  • jf0608Come to Pittsburgh! 💕💕💕
  • shevyk034Aww! If only I lived there! How awesome!!! These are beautiful hearts @artbarblog is it crayons and water colors?!?
  • yuleskiNo way! That's 20 mins from me. I will make every effort to come pick up your book. 😁
  • creativeideagalOh darn, I will not be able to get to maple wood until the summer. Will you have another event then?
  • willowdaygram💗❤💛❤
  • artbarblog#maplewoodnj #wordsbookstore
  • makecreatewithsavoniaHave fun!!! 🎈🎈
  • artbarblog@aks07 i wish you lived closer, too!
  • artbarblog@jf0608 maybe i will!
  • artbarblog@shevyk034 yes, actually watercolor and oil pastel. wish you lived there, too!
  • artbarblog@yuleski yes, please come!!!! you can bang out all your valentines cards, plus we can meet!! 🙏🏼
  • artbarblog@creativeideagal oh man, too bad! i will see how this one goes, and maybe i'll do another...?!
  • handmakerySuch a lovely flyer that warms my heart! Sure wish I could be there! ❤💗❤
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