Tap video for sound
  • nemomaticI picked up a couple of these cool analog digit displays at a scrap yard years ago. Unfortunately the motors were unsalvageable. I finally got around to bringing one back to life with a new motor (DC means I can control speed and direction now). A heavily modified mailbox door with a fresnel lens and some LEDs now make the whole thing ready to mount alongside the other nonsense I've been working on. It's getting crowded...

  • nemomatic#sculpture #art #interactive #kinetic #electronics #custom #vintage #diy #workbench #wip
  • erikkhoopes.alaskaAwesome! Maybe you can slow time down with it...⏰😊⏳
  • w.georgejonesGet a camera stand and use both hands please.
  • kodasageJesus, if you over look the craftsmanship and complain about recording technique why bother watching @w.georgejones
  • tyneworkshopHi Nemo do you ever get requested for a commission that has some practical use and point blank refuse as it is not pointless enough to reach your strict criteria 😁 I love the sheer random nonsense of your creations combined with the imagination of the builds and craftsmanship and skill that goes into thinking out and making them, the world is a more interesting place because of you sir 👌👌👌👍 thanks Mick
  • bmoossySik
  • w.georgejones@kodasage mind your own business
  • worn_over_timeAddicting ;-) w/t
  • nemomaticThanks very much @tyneworkshop practical work is indeed a constant threat to studio practice.
  • whitebikeceramicsI want to commission one of those from you, pleeeeeease!! (I mean, if that is possible😬?)
  • michaelhbrunoCool 😎
  • susiebuell45Superb
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