• onestep4wardArriving in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with no hotel booked, no transport booked, no sights to see planned, I chatted to Eyad @eyadajaj via couchsurfing. He couldn't host as his extended family was in town, but he organised someone to pick me up from the airport, drive me to Jeddah and he had organised a hotel for me for my 3 nights. Amazing hospitality from a complete stranger, but now a new Saudi friend 😊

    Arabian hospitality is something else, and Jeddah is so much more than what the Western Media projects. I'm delighted to come here and experience it for myself, here's a pic of Eyad and me in the old city.
    Eyad took time out, drove 1.5hours from his office outside the city to come and see me, he and spent the evening showing me the best of Jeddah, amazing people everywhere ❤️🌎 #everycountryintheworld #jeddah #saudiarabia #couchsurfing #realtravel

  • rtwdiva@4prw thanks for info !!
  • 4prw@rtwdiva no problem 💜
  • abjohaniEnjoy Jeddah❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • roaa_x@phoenixseas hospitality is in our culture and as a saudi i see it in low income classes as well as well off ones, so it has nothing to do with how much you got
  • its_noolaYou are welcome in jeddah 💘
  • atc.mu93bYou are more than welcome.. visit us again
  • travelogues_africangirlI think it would be difficult for a solo female traveler to visit Saudi Arabia!
  • 4prw@travelogues_africangirl i actually find out pretty normal to go alone its a normal place just like anyother place, its just the media the make people cunfuse about saudi arabia
  • travelogues_africangirl@4prw Yes but it's a pretty conservative country..a woman would have to travel with a husband..unless for work?
  • 4prw@travelogues_africangirl i don't really know about that, i hope that u will visit saudi arabia and have a great time in here 💜
  • flunkingmonkeyawesome pic check out my instaif you get thechance @onestep4ward
  • johdekoffGreat story, Love it!
  • 7499.2206Your perfect smile is beautiful.
  • v_v74welcome❤💪
  • nicolaty1011good family👏🏻👏🏻
  • abodalrwithy@sa8118 يعنني راعي واجب
  • kenanqhdKeep up the good work!
  • ladyinred501Oh yeah nice
  • mr.seanyThis pic is bullshit, non muslim tourists CANNOT visit Saudi Arabia. He is an infadel, this is more than likely from a neighboring country
  • onestep4ward@mr.seany lol, clueless buddy
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