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  • redwoodforestfoundationRedwood Forest Foundation rffi.org is teaming up with “This Will Take Time” in Point Arena, CA to plant Rhett’s redwoods, sometimes called “Rhettwoods”, on January 26, 2017. @rhettandlink sparked global interest in supporting Redwoods when Link announced on “Good Mythical Morning” that he had 10 redwoods planted as a birthday gift for Rhett. 200 redwood seedlings will be planted via donations from their fans around the world. Rhett & Link are a comedic duo who host the internet’s most-watched daily talk show- “Good Mythical Morning”- their popular comedic songs and sketches, and several other enormously popular internet ventures. Rhett & Link have a combined subscriber base of over 19 million viewers! Learn more:>>>http://www.rffi.org/Plant-a-Redwood.html #redwoods #redwoodforest #plantaredwood

  • aunteeeeeeThese will make soles on people's face just like they do mine. How lucky we are to have God's art work.
  • moelleuxmorningIt would be amazing if Rhett & Link could be there to see it themselves, I hope you we can see some of the planting process :)
  • double_tiger_sounds🙌
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