Little house drawing! It is taking foorrrevveeerrrrrr. 🏠
  • monstromoLittle house drawing! It is taking foorrrevveeerrrrrr. 🏠

  • audkawalove this and the details. like miniature!
  • noellenikas💗💗💗!!
  • blahmamusI want this to be the background for a puzzle solving side-scroll video game! Perhaps something where you'd play as the cat with the objective being to work your way up to the attic and hangout with the ghost.
  • monstromo@audkawa Thank you! 💖
  • monstromo@blahmamus Hahaha I have to figure out how to make that happen.
  • blahmamusDo it!!! Oh, and I'll only take 10% for the idea. Ha!
  • roxclassicIt looks so great!!!
  • binksandtobesLovethe ghostie in the attic!
  • inki_promiseCan I live here please?
  • kaycbeeSuper cute!
  • jaffydollexpressI like the ghost in the attic hehe
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