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  • lexvalidusHere's a good finisher I came up with.
    1. 10 rope slams
    2. 10 box jumps (no rest after slams)
    3. Rest 45-60 seconds
    4. Rinse, repeat x (6-8 times)
    5. Call for stretcher.
    I like this because it empties the tank while still adhering to the 70/30 rule. (Link in bio)

    Pro tips:
    1. Try to do this on a box if available. Stacking steps works fine but check that they don't slide.
    2. Land soft. Balls of your feet only.
    3. Stand up at the top if you have the room (My gym has a low ceiling)
    4. BREATHE. Shallow breathing will make this impossible. Deep belly breaths. If your abs don't push out you're doing it wrong.
    5. Playing "Control" by Massive on loop helps. https://youtu.be/87sFLsrBy00
    6. Dig deep. This isn't easy but it's easier than most people think.
    7. Have fun.
    # health #circuittraining #70/30 #digdeep

  • therackworkoutYES! This rocks! Nothing like a little hard work to keep us moving, right?
  • lexvalidus@therackworkout True. Move it or lose it. 😛
  • aadharmalhotra@lexvalidus damnit. This is hard!!
  • lexvalidus@aadharmalhotra Which is why it's a finisher. I only do it after weights.
  • aadharmalhotra@lexvalidus I'll try using this as the fight training finisher. After sparring perhaps. Expect calls with a lot of cussing.
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