Don't be silent on issues of racial injustice and inequality! ✊👏
📸PC: @eilenebeniquez  @womanproject16 
#blacklivesmatter #asians4blacklives #WomensMarch #feminism #womensrights #HereToStay #reproductiverights #plannedparenthood #feminist #mybodymychoice
  • undocumediaDon't be silent on issues of racial injustice and inequality! ✊👏
    📸PC: @eilenebeniquez @womanproject16
    #blacklivesmatter #asians4blacklives #WomensMarch #feminism #womensrights #HereToStay #reproductiverights #plannedparenthood #feminist #mybodymychoice

  • lixureFucken stupid
  • lixureBlacks aren't the only ones that are fucken killed dumbasses
  • jacquelinecortess@rebelgilly look!
  • bigpapa914Go walk a HOOD and tell them ! B on B crime is higher that Chechen and Chong !
  • one.raskalDumb fucks are still with the "All Lives Matter" shit? 😂😂😂 They're missing the whole point. Somethings you just can't teach idiots. If they didn't get it then, they went get it now.
  • thebeardedriderYou guys are retarded
  • michaeljgilsonI feel bad for these people that waste their precious lives and time on going into the streets with goofy shirts, hats and signs.
  • itscaiti.gYou can't end something that doesn't exist
  • kalatruelove84@hectorzedlav yup apparently you can't say a damn thing with out it getting picked apart , if there was as much love as there is hate smh. How about love all your brothers, love all your sisters, respect one another as individuals.we keep having to pay for what happened in the past we had no control over it, but we can be the change if we really want to. I try to but when I extend out my hand and get looked at like I'm a piece of trash because its a hard hit. No needs a special movement for rights anymore we are all FREE have been for years and years now . you don't see any other groups out there with "matters " groups . not one race matters more than another we are just in these bodies passing through life to get to the ultimate ever after .
  • jvessely2917What war??
  • oddcollector1996Idiots
  • xandruff@rockymountain510 Man stfu you misinformed dumb ass puppet FOH.
  • ohiothoughtsBlack lives don't matter to you, what a lie: "there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene."
  • conservativeeeee@imaketheweb Did you know "4% of black homicide deaths are from police officers"? And for whites and Hispanics it is 12%. That's extremely low for African Americans. The problem isn't the cops. 96% of homicides have nothing to do with police members. Don't try to make your claim that there are more white people so 12% of them isn't true. It's true because it is based off of how many white hispanic people there are and how many are killed by police. Therefore whites and Hispanics are killed more than police officers. Even though most of us grow up to respect the cops bc they protect us.
  • conservativeeeee@dwaynemontano cops should be killing people to make us safe. If there were no cops everywhere in the USA will be like Detroit
  • conservativeeeee@imaketheweb black people are a danger to themselves. They by far have the most gangs and violence than any other race
  • imaketheweb@conservativeeeee I am not trying to talk statistics. I am trying to get people who don't give a shit about the black community and have never worked with then to fix it to stop talking about it like they suddenly do give a shit or like they plan to do anything about it. Be honest, you plan to go help mentor kids? Do you plan to go give presents away on Christmas? Do you plan to help put together youth programs? No, you'll just use your statistics to keep from taking on any challenge to help the problem like everyone else who can blame black on black violence on blacks without looking for a root cause to the cycle. So if you don't care, just don't care, go live your life, but don't pretend you know what's best when you put no effort into it.
  • missywiertThere isn't a war on black people. I thought we where at war with ISIS???? Black people have the same rights as anyone else in the US.
  • conservativeeeee@imaketheweb did obama help? Nope he didn't do anything besides raise the crime rates and spread hatred towards law enforcement
  • imaketheweb@missywiert rights don't mean they are enforced. @conservativeeeee never said he did, I don't defend the actions of one by blaming another.
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