"My favorite protester." 🇺🇸So many great signs. 🐘 As one of the signs said, "I'm not normally a sign guy but geeez." We're about the mindful life and while that isn't partisan (we encourage articles from all perspectives as long as thoughtful) we do look for our representatives to support fighting climate change, support equal rights, healthcare affordability (it should be improved, not axed), peace on earth and education, and a healthy, fair economy. <3 🇺🇸 <3 See my 10 favorite #womensmarch signs plus a video from today by my best buddy @duzer up on top row of elephantjournal.com under: "If you missed the Women's March..." It also includes attendance totals in various cities and towns for what's looking to be, by far, the biggest protest in history 🇺🇸🙏🐘♥💔♻
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