😳 this is crazy. you made the physical release of our free album pop the fuck off. thank you ❤
  • thereallyrealelp😳 this is crazy. you made the physical release of our free album pop the fuck off. thank you ❤
  • devonajenel👐 can't wait to see you guys on sunday!! @thereallyrealelp @killermike
  • og.begreatDeserved..been dope since forever. #coflow
  • bellrosepeteYou and Mike deserve every bit of this. All on yall's terms. Great music and great success!
  • shamrock5775We opened the vinyl bundle today. The album itself is gorgeous, and the extras are 💯. #masterpiece #coolkids75
  • stonichHell yes. I can't listen to anything else. Nothing sounds good after hearing this album. You've ruined music for me by making music that's too good! 🤤
  • b_tootsY'all are dope as hell!
  • mindfameWell deserved!!
  • mister_fickleSorry? Ha! It's one for the history books, for sure. Just proves once again that the internet age hasn't killed music, nor artists' ability to earn a living. The animator Nina Paley went through something when she made het movie Sita Sings the Blues PWYC. No one thought it would work, but that shit flew off the shelves. Anyways, you guys are killing it. I'm on listen #100ish and it's still so fresh!
  • canceriscancerPink season beat RTJ3 on the billboards.lol
  • mimisaintgYES!!! Respect!!
  • chief_ten_beersAlways
  • arbedesignabsolutely deserved it!album is so dope!
  • 3.5_smargWho would only want digital? What is Pih Poh without a DJ?
  • dolly2482You guys deserve it. This album is too much ❤❤❤
  • aprilham_lincolnWell deserved, sir! Fucking tight album! Love the stickers, too. Thank you! :)
  • itsjboogs13@cmcn3221 missed out u gimp
  • iliadagreatThe force is STRONG with these two right now
  • gsosa4realtyThat's whassup. Congrats!
  • ericka.simoneYou see, when we get the free hookup, we return the kindness 10-fold.
  • busfeedblueI learned it was free after I bought it
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