Polly, being the happy camper that she is, at my gynecologist's office today. Where I've been so many times, sitting, waiting and hoping that everything is fine. Where we first saw her on the ultrasound, a teeny tiny dot. Where we've been told that she's a girl. Where we first saw her hands and feet. I haven't shared this before but having her has been quite a journey for us. We've been there twice, with no happy endings, crushed and in tears in this exact same office. It was rough and unpretty but - just as every hard time - always educational. And then she found her way. If I only had this picture back then. Someone to tell me that everything is going to be just fine. Actually no, better than fine. So today I watched her laughing and flirting with my wonderful doctor and almost teared up as I remembered that. Life is amazing. And so very worth it.
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