Much has been made about empowering women this weekend but when it boils down to it, those who are making the most noise behind a microphone are not the women I want my daughter to look up to or emulate. .
I want her to see the beauty in femininity that God designed. I want her to see the strength and courage in those who ran with endurance and fought the good fight. .
I want her to know that meekness and humility, and compassion and grace,  are not a weakness or out of style. .
I want her to look to these women of the faith, women with courageous faith, sacrificial service, and an unapologetic belief in the One True God even when it's not politically correct, and know that these are the women she can be proud to consider heroes of the faith, as I do. .
I was tired of scrolling through my newsfeed this weekend with story after story of hate, hypocrisy and harsh words being carelessly thrown about. So I pulled out these great books to read about these remarkable women who loved our extraordinary God. I can't wait to share these examples with my daughter and 2 sons. I can't wait to share with them these stories of courage and unbridled strength! .
May these be the women our daughters and sons look up to, women whose actions outdo their words! 💕
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