• m.pontikisAustin and I joke that each year we get a deluge of one vegetable in our winter farmshare as a challenge. 2013/4—year of the rutabaga; 2014/5—celeriac; 2015/6—golden beets; and this year, purple cabbage. We currently have five heads of the stuff in our crisper, with no end in sight!

    To make quick work of it, we've been braising, sautéing, roasting… and this Electric Winter Slaw may be my favourite preparation yet. A crunchy slaw, studded with red onion and clementine and tossed in a tangy miso-soy-lime dressing. Dressed up with spicy citrus-nigella-ginger carrots and paper-thin slices of sesame-cilantro marinated cucumber.

    Enough for dinner tonight alongside our first go at sous-vide ribeye steaks, with heaps leftover for weekday lunches. One cabbage down, four to go (and counting…)! #loveykitchen #epicdinnersalads

  • justthebeetsI'd love to know the recipe for the miso soy dressing! 🙌
  • morestomachblogStuffed cabbage stew? Perfect for winter-ing
  • erin.macgregorStunning!
  • lesliejarrettLove what you've done with it - the dressing sounds wonderful! 💜
  • jordandamicoOmg ❤
  • m.pontikis@justthebeets Of course! Blend together until emulsified: 4 Tbsp neutral oil, juice of 1 large lime, 4 tsp white miso, 2 tsp sesame oil, 2 tsp maple syrup, 2 tsp grated ginger and 1 Tbsp soy sauce or tamari. This dresses a large salad.
  • m.pontikis@morestomachblog Good idea! Love stuffed cabbage but never think to make it with the purple variety. x
  • christinascrivenYou can also make purple cabbage sauerkraut! Small batches are possible.
  • m.pontikis@christinascriven Brilliant idea! We eat so much sauerkraut. I'm still looking for the perfect old-style crock, but a small batch is a smart suggestion.
  • indigirlIt's true! Sandra won't eat squash anymore because of the Year of the Squash!
  • justthebeets@m.pontikis thank you so much! 🤗
  • chefaniejMakes a great and gorgeous quick pickle too! Perfect garnish for everything. 2 parts white vinegar 1 part sugar. 🐙
  • laurelstreetkitchenThis looks so gorgeous!
  • m.pontikis@indigirl I get Sandra. Celeriac and I never quite recovered from 2014.
  • m.pontikis@chefaniej Love this idea! I might whip some up to keep in the fridge. Thanks! 😊
  • chubbychinesegirleats👍🍴
  • goldentogardenstate😍
  • christinascrivenOh yes, it works nicely. I occasionally make small batches in a Pyrex bowl with a weighted plate on top. You just have to be mindful about evaporation.
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