• fitnessfitjesshave been having too many unhealthy snacks & cravings lately so gonna try to detox this week! 🙆🏻 i have a formal school event this friday & i needdd to fit into my dress 🙈 hopefully this meal prep will do the trick!
    🔸breakfast: made fresh every day
    🔸lunch: roasted veggie bowls (brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes 🍠, carrots 🥕 -not pictured)
    🔸dinner 1: wild sockeye salmon 🐟 on a bed of cucumbers 🥒, red onion, edamame, corn 🌽, green onion, avocado 🥑 + brown rice 🍚 + pickled ginger + seaweed
    🔸dinner 2: satay chicken 🍗 w soba noodles 🍜
    🔸snacks: @siggisdairy yogurt 🍦, fruit 🍑, @rxbar, & @perfectbar
    🔸casey: i'm trying to prep some simple dishes for my boyfriend bc he works almost 12hrs a day! 😳 this week is just spicy chicken thighs 🍖 w brown rice 🍚

  • nourishgirlssuch a nice layout!
  • meowmeixYum salmon is my go to!!
  • carvequeenA super clean meal prep 💪👍💯💥🔥🔥
  • bc0041☝️
  • tala😁
  • ___csm14That looks gorgeous! Do you roast the veggies daily?
  • fitnessfitjess@mealpreponfleek I'm still working on it! Not in love with it yet so gotta tweak it before I share 😅
  • fitnessfitjess@___csm14 yes! Everything's just prepped and ready to go in the oven 🙂
  • maggiehdavisDo you dump everything on a sheet pan and put in oven??
  • fitnessfitjess@maggiehdavis for which dish?
  • em.mylifeThis meal prep is 👌🏻❤️
  • _comfortkI lovee this!!
  • miss.allieskitchenThis is a legit prep situation!
  • inspiregreenI need a detox after my vacation last week! Lol!
  • mmaddogg22@fitnessfitjess - did you find this meal prep work for your bf? I have a similar to him and will work 12-15 hr days roughly 3 times a week. The meal prepping is tough on the longer work hours.
  • fitnessfitjessHe uses the rice & chicken I made him as the base of his meal but he usually cooks a more when he comes home. It just saves him a little bit of time but I would definitely recommend you meal prep all your meals! Like I said, it takes about 2-3hrs on Sunday for me to cook and clean everything and when I come home, I just pop something in the microwave for 2m & then I'm already eating. Saves me sooo much time during the weekdays!
  • fitnessfitjess@mmaddogg22 oops forgot to tag you! Replied above!
  • mmaddogg22Thanks girl for the suggestions. Yah, we are both trying to figure out a process that works best for our schedules. But yes, going to start meal prepping and see how it goes with my schedule.
  • amandineblgr😍 in love with your Instagram, kiss from France
  • shakis_18Its for all week?
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