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  • womensmarchMay we continue to see ourselves in each other's struggles. #WomensMarch

  • ksheasonStill feeling the love and power. "Rebellions are built on hope." Resist. Rebel. Fight.
  • girlwithcats@elizzzz_____ right on girl! I tried to respond to her eloquently & with class but fuck it tell it like it is lol
  • laurenjeffaresparra@Thomasarronmeehan96 I never name called anyone. I also never said I didn't except anyone for who they are. It's funny how anyone with a different opinion gets the word racist thrown at them. 🤔trying to figure out what I said that was racist.
  • laurenjeffaresparra@girlwithcats I'm glad you like cats!
  • veronicajayclay
  • anitafineday@laurenjeffaresparra do you know that every day in the US there are approximately 600,000 children in foster care? I work with these children every day. Many have been in foster care for years. If you are truly interested in the well-being of children I encourage you to contact one of the organizations in your area. They advertise trying to find families to adopt these children. No one wants them. They age out of the system without a permanent family or a place to call home. It is tragic. When all of these children are placed in loving permanent homes, then I would be willing to talk about forcing women to have more children that are unwanted, born with severe birth defects and high special needs. I encourage you to get involved in finding permanent homes for these children. They are waiting for a family to love them.
  • duncan_mcockinerAhahahahaha 😂😂😂 what a fucking joke. Go get jobs losers. Stop begging for abortions because you let some d-bag from Tinder dump a hot load in your Arby's roast beef looking vaginas. Spend less money at the bar or on your stupid chokers and get your hoe asses on birth control.
  • brianna.vill👏💞💞
  • tyler.leaf@chantalgm Spreading pizzagate awarness and doing school work and painting tf you mean, the world would neve lesson to an 14 yr old kid tf
  • justin.williamss@chantalgm I never once said era.. I said "why fight for something you already have"
  • earthheart9🙌🏼🌸💚🙏🏼🌿💚🙏🏼🌿🌸🙌🏼
  • sadyelcampoamorBeautiful
  • tayjay_Shinnecock Nation! 💛💛💛
  • uchmahguchWOC😍
  • laurierosejonesLove the smiles. Constant in every march. Winning
  • marmarz._.rawr@haydenprunest oh my bad😁
  • inesdeltoroWhen is the next one @m.gutieerrez
  • m.gutieerrezidk @inesdeltoro
  • doughnutmama@kareesespieces oppressed? By whom? Just curious
  • sylvia9786Aye👊
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