Free cheeseburgers at Victoria tomorrow. 
11:30am - 9pm
What time are you coming?
  • bleeckerburgerFree cheeseburgers at Victoria tomorrow.
    11:30am - 9pm
    What time are you coming?

  • bleeckerburger@abbeeystock we will yes, but queue is currently over an hour.
  • akashgramQueue was bare long, gna come back tho still
  • notquiteyao@bleeckerburger Oh no. Is that just for the free cheeseburgers? Because I'm intending on buying at least another 2 to accompany my Oreo milkshake. I'm braving cold platforms and another train strike for this.
  • vodka_com_nescauFree burgers today!!! @jessiemax_mua
  • jessiemax_mua@vodka_com_nescau omg !!! We had dinner today at GBK (gourmet burger kitchen -OMG SO GOOD).. If only i knew...
  • bleeckerburger@notquiteyao sorry missed this. Hopefully you got in.
  • notquiteyao@bleeckerburger I persisted after seeing how calm and pleasant your staff were and how they handled the queue. I still think it could have worked differently but I got my 5 burgers, 2 fries, and Oreo milkshake. Good job on that. You're still my favourite burger. Check my last post.
  • benlevett@pug_wife can't believe I missed out on this 😩
  • evalia_londonI came straight after work at 8-30pm, I was turned down from the queue saying that it's not possible for me to get a burger. If you announce that it's until 9pm, I expect it to be served until 9pm. This is very disappointing for me to take a trip all the way to Victoria and be turned down, even though I arrived 30 mins before the closing time. Very upsetting launch. @bleeckerburger
  • bleeckerburger@evalia_london hi. Sorry to hear you missed out but we were serving burgers until gone 9pm. Around 8 the queue was over an hour so we tweeted we're stopping the line and did.
  • evalia_london@bleeckerburger thanks for the reply. Usually closing time means the last time you accept the customer. I was expected that I am able to join the queue until 9pm. I appreciate that you tweeted at 8pm, but by that time I was already in the tube on the way to you with no access to the internet.
  • bleeckerburger@evalia_london I do understand, but at one point the queue was 2 hours yesterday and to stop the queue at 9 wouldn't have been possible. My biggest concern was people joining the queue, waiting and not getting a burger.
  • cakeshawIs this for today or yesterday?
  • bleeckerburger@cakeshaw yesterday
  • lauramydawson@lydiemac @jeturner1992 it's here!!!!!!!
  • sincerely_melsIt's in Victoria @mroptimistic_
  • eamodadzieI've heard good things about this joint.... @rochria
  • rochriaMe too! Post pay day?
  • itzs_kimmy_babe@bleeckerburger whats your victoria address ?
  • molatif_@mariam_mak
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