Signs of fellow attendees! #wmw #wmos #seayouatthemarch
  • womensmarchseaSigns of fellow attendees! #wmw #wmos #seayouatthemarch

  • lisa.marcusPLU -- way to represent!
  • dreaminmodern💓
  • noah_salvatoHe's your president. Get over yourself. It's your body, if you want to do heroin go ahead. Murder a child? Fuck off. Would you support it if your parents wanted to abort you? 10 weeks before a child is born they can survive outside the body. 3 weeks in they have a heartbeat. An abortion is not a choice you deserve. If you kill a child before its born you "have courage"... After they're born, you get life in jail. Fundamental rights? I'm in full support! Right to vote, right to equal OPPORTUNITIES (does not mean affirmative action), right to equal protection under the law, the right to feel safe. I will be one of the first in line to protest anyone who wants to take that away from anyone. The right to murder a child? Different requirements for college admission? Different requirements for military positions? Wanting to "identify" as a shim/pansexual "woman of the year"? Nah. Grow up.
  • whowanderwhere✌🏻✌🏻
  • torocoffeecoBeautiful faces! 🔥💪🏻
  • sugarmamas67Go girls go!
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