• snobessentialsWe are united in ❤️ #MarchLA #LovetrumpsHate #imwithallofthem

  • lunaskye23Let's never forget that 53 percent of white women voted for trump.
  • lunaskye23We are NOT united.
  • hrh_kehaulaniAs much as people dislike him the hashtag "#LoveTrumpsHate" still mentions his name and that gets "put out into the Universe". Which is partly WHY he is our President. His name is still being said, hashtagged, and printed. The "Power of the Secret" talks of not promoting what you dislike but promoting what you DO LIKE. #JustSaying
  • queengeriI am puzzled as to why some women believe the liberal lies that republicans want to keep women down. I am a Hispanic woman, I lived under a dictatorship before coming here and becoming a citizen, I am pro choice (that will never be outlawed in spite of what you're being led to believe) I am pro LGBTQ rights, I am pro equality, and have always voted republican. Most republicans believe like I do. Stop falling for the liberal lies, no one is taking our rights away.
  • curlykimmystar@queengeri no one is falling for any lies. We're looking at the policies they are trying to destroy and the records of the people he has selected for his cabinet. They are trying to defund planned parenthood which lots of women benefit from and need. No one has to tell us anything. We can read, we can watch and we can listen.
  • jen.niferlopezI was there too!!! Such an amazing turn out.
  • queengeri@curlykimmystar no one is going to defund planned parenthood or end roe vs. wade, it's a ridiculous notion. Im 47 years old and when I was young I went to planned parenthood by the way. Just because the media says so doesn't make it true. And I can also tell you from personal experience certain Obama policies like his affordable care act is a lie, my healthcare is not only not free like he promised, it's gone up from $341 a month when it started to $668!!! You're reading watching and listening to the wrong people.
  • curlykimmystar@queengeri ha! I could say the same about you. I hope I'm wrong. But what I've read tells me otherwise. I hope planned parenthood is not defunded. I used it when I was younger too. But it does not change the fact that the republicans want to get rid of it. Nor does it change the fact that our new President said on video that if abortions are outlawed he thinks women should be punished for it. I hope you are right and none of these things happen. However, peacefully marching to protect our rights, which also include rights that protect minorities and immigrants, hurts no one. Not sure why you seem offended by this based on your first comment. Kelly simply posted a pic of us together at the march and it seemed to offend you for some reason. Here is an NPR article that I read if you want to check it out. http://www.npr.org/2017/01/07/508598391/heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-coming-fight-over-planned-parenthood-fundi
  • queengeri@curlykimmystar I'm an absolutely not offended by your photo and I am sorry if I came off that way, it's actually a beautiful picture. I agree with one thing, we both will continue listening to the sources we want to listen to, and that's ok. Let's wait and see what happens, I know I'll be right, no one is going to take our rights away. Have a blessed evening!
  • curlykimmystar@queengeri I wish I had your confidence. I hope you're right too! FYI, I am liberal, but i personally only trust information from more biased or objective sources. If I read something from a very liberal slanted page, I always verify it from somewhere else less one sided. I really appreciate your apology! You have a nice evening, too! ☺️
  • living_southern_charmBeautiful :)
  • bessieyeungbySuch an inspiration
  • snobessentials@queengeri we march because we don't sit around hoping for the best. We march to ensure our rights are protected. We march peacefully with great big smiles. We march because unity heals.
  • potionery🙌🏻
  • vajzeLove
  • journey.east👏
  • itsjessicamillerlove it
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