💘 having a nice weekend? What are your plans! 🌹
  • beckiicruel💘 having a nice weekend? What are your plans! 🌹

  • matty_willisNo computer for me now. Wife wants to watch a film . Grrr
  • mapleserapwent to the women's march today! 😊🙋🙋 thought it seemed like something you would support whilst i was marching, actually 😂 plans for the rest of the weekend include sleeping and more sleeping😴
  • x_abbi_np_xRevision, revision and more revision
  • paigenicksxChilling at my aunts house watching tv.
  • yasminlovesbowieShopping today, working tomorrow!
  • straw_bunnyLots of sleep to make up what I missed during the work week! 😴💤💕
  • marcos.kitanoMinha linda!
  • va.marcoantonio🎶💖🌷😍 i love youre nice hair 💖 cute 💕
  • princessrosemariaCan you please do a video on how you do your hair curly?
  • j_tga_state_of_casanovaSurfing and you look great
  • 0.shuI just saw La La Land! Tomorrow I need to write something jazzy on my guitar :3
  • aquaxkittyThat velvet shirt is everything 🙏🏻😻
  • ellacain_9You are too pretty oml
  • mina__bloomreally pretty pic!😄 I'm sewing my cosplay this weekend..😆😆
  • trodd2Looking beautiful Beckii
  • kelsey_ellisonSending you memes
  • trodd2Went to Maidstone today. Meeting Dad for our weekly session tomorrow
  • john_bob88Thanks @beckiicruel ! The plan? Study, study and work! Master degrade, second career and work in the hospital =_=
  • hide0572It is shopping on the weekend☺Having a nice weekend too👍🏻
  • dracula.7926Prety wuoman
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