Sign of times? Women and men gathering in Edmonds to take buses to Seattle Womyns March #Edmonds
  • myedmondsnewsSign of times? Women and men gathering in Edmonds to take buses to Seattle Womyns March #Edmonds

  • reasonstorave👽👽👽
  • tippystocktonIf it's truly a "march for women", then why were the Pro Life Women denied a permit to march? Only for "some" women. Your pink hats show zero class to our graceful sex. I'd have way more respect for you if you'd have knit some pink baby blankets. March for something with purpose - this serves no purpose.
  • jindaddydollaz@tippystockton i would guess that it's because the purpose is to march for women's rights. Something that pro-lifers are against.
  • tippystocktonThat's where you're so wrong @jindaddydollaz. We respect the life of ALL, including those that can't speak for themselves.
  • jindaddydollaz@tippystockton i'm not speaking to respecting life of the unborn or not. I'm speaking to the rights women should have concerning their own health and bodies. If you don't agree that these rights should be had, then i don't think your presence at the march would have been well recieved.
  • tippystockton@jindaddydollaz trust me. I have plenty of more important things to do with my time. Marching for a cause that was fought when I was a little girl by the women libbers, to me solves nothing. Put your energy towards something purposeful like volunteering. Have a nice march - I hope it brings you joy.
  • jindaddydollaz@tippystockton recap. You: this is dumb, why wasn't i invited? Me: well, i don't think it's something you would want to go to. You: this is dumb, i don't wanna go, you guys have fun
  • kbcoffey17Lots of ways to Engage in Snohomish County! A Step Up: Understanding and Implementing Racial Equity event at Lynnwood Convention Center on April 28th and a Lunafest Film festival with films for and by women on Feb 19th at The Everett Performing Arts Center
  • studaslop@bethisag these white people all bitter smh
  • _msamaliaHey Tippy, that business you own is a privilege. A right that women fought for. This started way before you were "a little girl." Stay home and enjoy your privilege. Luckily some of us are willing to continue the good fight, whether Pro-Choice or not. You're welcome.
  • _msamalia@shereeg6
  • insane_trump_futureAwesome!
  • insane_trump_future@rickbuyce give us a break
  • insane_trump_future@malismaree what in the world?
  • insane_trump_future@tippystockton "women libbers"
  • insane_trump_future
  • tippystockton@_msamalia get over yourself. No privilege - just hard work and faith, something you probably no nothing about.
  • _msamalia@tippystockton *know
  • tippystockton@_msamalia damn auto correct. Thanks for the correction.
  • jindaddydollazBy the by, A great site put together by great group of Boston area tech industry leaders. They have compiled a list of charities and organizations that are committed to fighting for causes that are at risk under our new administration. Check it out, take the pledge
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