• thisistheantidoteOkay, here's a question for you. What if this caricature has ended up in this unlikely position to somehow teach us that ego, the arrogance and selfishness of I, the small mindedness of thinking that ones needs are more important than another's and unashamed power mongering is NOT for the greater good. Maybe just maybe he's here to set a very bad example... and wake people up to think this is not what it's about... #trumptynumpty #powermad #dontbeliketrump #hownotliveyourlife #whattrumpdidnext #egowatch #mindthecrap #superradianceeffect #thisistheantidote

  • cwtchskincareSUzanne, It would be amazing to have hope that something good can some of this madness... currently very scary times. This could be the opportunity for many lessons to be learned #tolerance #greatnothate @thisistheantidote
  • thisistheantidote@cwtchskincare I'm concerned so many of us are draining ourselves sending anger, frustration, disgust over the pond. That's not good and it's not productive. The secret to life I feel, is to learn the art of transmuting negativity into something far more superior, useful and overturn things. It's almost as if we're rewarding a spoilt, naughty, mean child with constant undivided attention. Making child worse. If we could all harness our frustrated energy into something more powerful, wouldn't that be a thing! Check out the study done in '93, in my link. A reliable study back then worth trying again when we've brushed ourselves down I'd say....
  • emmalcannonNot for the first time - I am loving your attitude ! Truly the antidote to wasted emotion. Time for more community . Time to collaborate and not compete. Time to do something about our #planet time to #findyourtribe . No one is coming to save us ... time to get real . There is always opportunity within a crisis x
  • thisistheantidote@emmalcannon 🤘🏻
  • thisistheantidote@retreats_mindfulnessjourneys @Yeotown your thoughts?
  • cwtchskincare@thisistheantidote wow that is incredible #supremeradiance and just what the World needs both sides of the Pond #inspiration #commongoal Thank you for sharing, Philip x
  • bodhimayaWe need to see the shadows to know what light is. The strongest plants exist in the desert and high mountains, the strongest animals in the harshest climates and the strongest people have often been through intense periods of suffering.
  • bodhimayaDarkness only brings out the light and struggle and hardship create strength. Everything that challenges us makes us stronger. I always think we should embrace the shadows; fight them and challenge them, but also accept them, love them and use them to grow Cx
  • yogayda@thisistheantidote Suzanne you rock gorgeous lady! Thank you for asking me | us. Resent research has shown, that our connectedness and influence go much further than that. Our intentions can also affect other people's bodies, their minds, and the shape of events in the world. The new physics has shown that we are connected in a way that transcends the limits of space and time. Therefore the question what do we all intend and wish for really? Are we really seeing whats happening? Are we really interested enough in others people life | problems | other countries challenges...? If he has the new power - we have too. Aho 🙏🏽God bless us all
  • thisistheantidote@yogayda so let's bend his mind! Think the hate going towards him might make him more hate-full. What if we sent him love? Yes I actually said that. #whatwouldnelsonmandelahavedone 'No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Nelson Mandela
  • yogayda@thisistheantidote Shall be faith, love and connection our force
  • yeotownWell @thisistheantidote first thing that came into my mind at your question was this snippet I have pinned on my board by the ever inspiring author and poet (and fellow Canadian!) @najwazebian....."Don't give them a taste of their own medicine. They already know what it tastes like. Give them a taste of your own medicine.
    If they lied, let your medicine be honesty.
    If they played with your emotions, let your medicine be maturity.
    If they broke you, let your medicine heal.
    If they made you cry, let your medicine make them smile.
    These remedies of yours may take years to work, but they work. And they last.
    So be patient. Stay true to yourself."🙏🏼
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  • thelatinamericangalleryNice profile 😆😃
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  • retreats_mindfulnessjourneysThank you for asking @thisistheantidote. Working on our thoughts between travels. Will revert very soon.
  • retreats_mindfulnessjourneys@thisistheantidote - from our teacher Brian Hilliard "The election of Donald Trump clearly signals a disastrous step backwards in the well-being of society and the environment on which it depends. It is an overwhelmingly strong message to Americans and all citizens of the planet to wake up and take responsibility at all levels of societal organization. Power in the hands of a few, with an ego-maniac at the helm, ultimately will spell disaster for all of us. However, whether or not we can actually shift direction away from rule by faceless corporations and their authoritarian minions, towards a compassionate society, remains to be seen. It is humans that have invented this world and only humans who can change it.
    So we always have a choice. Individually and collectively we are always at a crossroads. We can move towards the light or the dark at any moment. The direction we go in is not predestined but based on our motivation and insight. If we are moved by hatred of Trump and everything he stands for, and fuel that hatred by indulging in it, then we move towards the dark. On the other hand, if out of revulsion and disgust we explore further ways to cultivate truth, love and compassion, and make that the basis of our daily lives, then we move towards the light. We illuminate a path we know causes benefit to ourselves and others.
  • retreats_mindfulnessjourneys@thisistheantidote - Part 2. "Recognition of the crossroads is key. The recognition is a wholly positive attitude in which we allow ourselves the space to fully experience the full range of emotion of being human. To do this we need some kind of personal discipline. The traditional practice of mindfulness and awareness meditation gives us the space to accommodate difficult environmental and personal challenges. Then we can gain confidence in the light which is an expression of human goodness. The bad news can spark in us even greater conviction and action.
    Recognition brings further insight to the problems and obstacles, individually and collectively. One such problem is the endless search for entertainment, feeling good, and warding off any sense of outside threat. Continuous distraction and ignorance of what is going on, doped up in lukewarm pleasures day in and out, will ultimately have catastrophic results. Knowing this we avoid too much entertainment.
    So of course Donald Trump is here to show us the way. The phenomenal world is speaking to us and we can get into the message. Let’s take the darkness and transform it into light." Let us know your thoughts @thisistheantidote
  • ali2barkerI agree with this
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