Good morning!
  • maryportasofficialGood morning!

  • ehu96mcbHeavenly!
  • ehu96mcbCape Town, I believe.
  • davidjbracherStunning - it's certainly a wonderful place - now go for a swim or toe dip - I dare you🤔x
  • lynntj75Wow!!! 😊
  • jonny0941My favourite place in the world! My mum is from South Africa so we go every year! I hope you are having an amazing time xx
  • deborahvosLooks fabulous!
  • catherineoveroBest city in the world!! 💕💕💕
  • zenacvidlerBeautiful, lovely time of the year to go. My brother and his partner fly out Wednesday for 2 weeks. Enjoy!
  • lipstickmonitorOhh my! You're in my home town! (I'm in the UK.) And you are minutes from where my friend, Angela, lives!
  • chirine4562Good morning to you Mary x
  • mortimerandluke@maryportasofficial 🙌❤CT
  • clareojFave place in world usually there now but Sydney win the holiday time this year! Enjoy 😊
  • shell_d_Loved it there. Went couple of years ago...have been looking online to see if I could afford a few days there ✈️🏖. Enjoy! 😊
  • grasilverJust missed you!
  • nettydenbyClifton beaches... amazing place. Have dinner at paranga in camps bay :)) x
  • philipstartLooks bloody fab
  • fyfeboycedesignAnd what fabulousness are you bestowing upon our fair shores ms queen of frocks? Have a blast and enjoy the weather.
  • burge1958My sister is lucky enough to live in Cape Town & I've been able to visit twice beautiful place enjoy your visit #envious 😎😎😎
  • elkalivingAhh I just left there yesterday check out the Watershed on the waterfront for some great local designers!!
  • pdeansdundasWelcome to Cape Town @maryportasofficial
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