One of the things I was thinking about with the rise of Trump is how can seemingly intelligent people go for someone like Trump, and I'm sure Republicans at the same time said how can intelligent people vote for Obama. Here is why.

When you are presented with a set of facts that are contradictory to your point of view. You can do two things. Change your mind or keep the same opinion. Unfortunately a firmly held belief like party affiliation or religion we behave differently. It triggers two parts of your brain fight or flight (amygdala) and the part that controls emotions (Insula Cortex). Once stimulated with those facts instead of changing your mind you will double down on that believe even though there is evidence to the contrary.

The problem is party affiliation, and believe system are intertwined with who you are, your very identity of self. As long as It's not a strong believe, you are more willing to change your mind, and those parts of the brain are not stimulated.

We humans while intelligent are highly irrational. This recent election is a perfect example.

At this point, the burden of proof is on Trump, and no amount of evidence will change a Democratic mind. This goes for Republicans, no amount of evidence from Obama would have moved your mind. It only has the opposite effect, only strengthen.
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