• darthwhiskeyYo dude! Any demos/clinics tomorrow? Would love to catch you playing!
  • ashleighhugzAlways rocking that leather jacket 😂👍
  • hullygramsSo cool
  • cellobjHonestly dude you are dope as all get out! I searched for pocket music on Spotify and found you! I am a performing musician as well. I wanna cover your song San Fransisco Street! Would love to connect. Check me out at www.bjgriffinmusic.com
  • yongjunchonI'm your big fan - from south Korea
  • iseeaimeeHey @raithis! Are you playing any shows in LA soon?
  • iseeaimeeInquiring minds like myself and @patricialagmay need to know!
  • alladventurouswomen_doMarried at first sight? Ahhh serenade me 😍
  • sweatboxla🙏
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