• kristenballouMy friend Lee @maychappell is sharing some ❤️ with her #loveallaroundblock. (Tutorial on her blog) Here's my love sending out. Also did some ❤️ sharing with my friend Debra @madeofhonorquilts, we swapped some parts of our block to create abit more blending in another block. So some bits of mine will now go into someone else's soon....just sharing the love as we should! So make a "valentine" and save a few bits to connect to another quilty friend's 💕 keep going, now it's your turn!

  • maychappell❤❤❤ Perfect!! Love your pass it on blocks! Y'all are the best! 😘
  • thesewingchickLove these!!! ❤️💕❤️
  • tridyleeMine is made, and my bits are passed! Thanks for such a lovely💕idea.
  • __sceb__💥
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