Homeless. When "appearing female" or even "trans" people often ask me for sexual work. When "appearing male" people will just give me money or offer me cheap paying handyman work if they trust me or are brave. Two VERY different offerings for someone with the same plight. 
I'm excited to be working with @thenylonproject1 for their #itcouldbeyou project. It's a runway show dedicated to raising awareness about homelessness. Something I've spent a fair share of time as both in lonely California and wintry NYC. It felt isolating. Hungry. And seemingly hopeless. 
Check them out- they are trying to feed 1500 people by the end of the month! 
#gendercapitalism #lovewins #changemustbwmorethanchange #genderreveal #lgbt #qpia #h #moneyshot #willworkforfood
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