Whoever says white potatoes aren't healthy, is a flat out liar! I've heard it time and time again from clients that they've omitted them from their diet. Last time I checked, my white potatoes gave me potassium, B6, magnesium and vitamin C! Sure, there's other options - like a sweet potato - that are even more nutrient dense, but instead of steering clear of the baked white potatoes try ADDING to it. What can you add, rather than takeaway, for more fiber, macronutrient balance, vitamins and minerals? A homemade pesto made with herbs, olive oil, nuts and greens would add a lot of the 'good' stuff. Or peanut butter and a dash of soy sauce? Even just a side salad? Don't be afraid of the white potatoes (or bread, pasta, etc) my friends. Reframe your mindset & think about what you could add to a meal or snack to ⬆️ the good stuff. Life's too short not to enjoy a delish baked tater or indulge in the foods someone else deemed "unhealthy".
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