• makeupbywhitI had the pleasure of meeting this sweet blogger mommy today!! 💗 You know how you see someone on social media and wonder what they are ACTUALLY like in person, well she was everything you could imagine and more! What a beautiful soul, inside and out! 👑 @mckinli

  • msgoods_@mckinli absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! @makeupbywhit what make up brand do you use?! It is flawless!!
  • ali.waldronNo way!!! I've been following along with her and her mommy-and-me fashion/fitness posts for awhile now! That's amazing! And her makeup too! 😊
  • williamsoffroadlightingGood job sis
  • turena65Gorgeous.... she is beautiful regardless... you just brought out her best features! 😊Beautiful work Whitney 😍
  • kerhuzeWent to high school with Mckinli that's so cool she's a super mom for sure
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