Tap video for sound
  • lilbluebooThe hawk I wrote about earlier stayed around all day! Here's a quick clip of the crows going after it.

  • christina_pfafflWow!! Thanks for sharing. I don't think we're getting a Rooster so listening for the crows will be helpful!
  • julielinkLayers of birds. Hierarchy of birds. So interesting!
  • alchinkWe have had vultures. My husband filmed them hanging out eating the avocados off of the avocados tree. I have never seen them do something like that before. Very odd 😳
  • lisamotttThis is so fascinating!!
  • susiemckeownphotographyI love your observations Ashley! Last year I got up with the sun & went on a personal photo shoot on Martha's Vineyard. I was light chasing in early November & staying with my instagram photography friend @rhildreth7 . On the way back to her house I came across about 200 crows on the ground & in the trees making the biggest racket. When I stopped my car (on her neighborhood road (not a beach road) , (because I thought there may be road kill or something attracting them?!?) ... I spied a snowy owl sitting at the side of the road!!! What luck! The crows must have been trying to chase the snowy owl away from the baby crows up in their nests. If it wasn't for the crows making so much noise I never would have seen that majestic snowy owl! Birds are really amazing! I love how the crows have been saving your chickens with their loud noises ❤️#praying for all your precious chickens to have long healthy chicken lives! XO 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫Big Hugs! @lilblueboo #imnotawritersopleaseexcusemypunctuationorlackthereofhaha ✨🐓✨
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