• comebackmag✨PART 2 INTERVIEW @withjuliekirk
    Q: How do you figure out your next steps, where to put your focus, and where to grow? .
    A: My next steps, in 2017, are guided initially by my desire to sell-out the initial print run of my book. With the release being so close to Christmas it caught the most obvious gift-giving season, but I believe the book can achieve an even wider audience; so I plan to spend the year pitching content to magazines and websites to help promote the book further. And having those physical copies on my shelves will be a daily, tangible, source of focus for me!
    That said, I have a ‘portfolio’ career which involves several different income streams, so deciding on where to focus in order to grow has been difficult in recent years. I’m self-employed, and regularly work as a freelancer, all of which suits myself-driven and introverted personality; and ‘growth’ for me is first and foremost connected to happiness and personal satisfaction, rather than income. I’d far rather live a simpler life on my own creative terms, than have to find work ‘out there’ somewhere.
    If you’re not someone whose work has an especially narrow niche, or you don’t have a laser focus, you can get the idea – from a certain style of business advice – that you’re setting yourself up to fail. However … a few months ago when I came across the phrase ‘joyfully miscellaneous’ (in an art gallery description of a piece of work) something clicked with me; and it’s now a lens through which I view my career.
    Plus I recently attended a talk in which a book agent described how agents and publishers look for prospective authors who can write for different publications, who know how to use social media, who can juggle a 360 degree approach to their work; which is comforting to know; I guess being miscellaneous can now also lead to ‘traditional’ success! So I’m heading into 2017 embracing joyful miscellany of my work and experience, and seeing what path open up before me.

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