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RMC is 37th weirdest according to @uncut_magazine
  • eleanoronlyKeep WEIRD Weird
    RMC is 37th weirdest according to @uncut_magazine

  • epzarVan Vliet approves.
  • thefabulousyawnAND PROUD
  • fret.aujirStill listenin to it weekly, finding more to love about it each spin.
  • patrickdavisI bought this album on vinyl having never heard it. It was so intriguing that I went out and bought all the fiery furnaces albums.
  • asquideatingdoughHell yes.
  • radlibrarianally19Ha! I bought that album not knowing what to expect. Its weird alright but also makes me wish I made an album with my grandmothers while they were still alive 😉
  • curtiskillianCaptain Beefheart!!! You're in good company!
  • reelecteddieAll the time I recite "A candymaker's knife in my handbag" while cleaning the bathroom
  • fattyma4Faster Hammers! Faster Hammers!
  • gallantchateauMy fav
  • chefjasonolenskyThat album is everything. I was really into FF before it, but after it, I felt like you guys really got to the heart of me. A perfect expression of that indescribable nexus between the maker of a thing, and it's beholder. Not saying I knew what you meant by it, but I knew what I meant by it, and somehow those two things felt linked. Thank you.
  • funkyasylumIt took me a few listens to not be afraid of the music in that album, I couldn't play it if I was by myself but now I love it! Still only listen in the daytime 😆
  • galbaharDid they have Soft Machine?
  • lislerichards👏 👏
  • seanieseanefcBlueberry Boat on there?
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