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  • trevorspring"The higher my knowledge gets, the wider the horizon of my ignorance." - Tom Myers
    An excellent quote today from #tommyers the creator of #anatomytrains 🚂 I feel it's important to realize this as we seek to expand our knowledge base. Ideally, cracking into a new knowledge vault simply helps us find a childlike beginner's mind where we realize, and are excited by how much we still don't know...and therefore how much is left to learn! 🦁
    This video was used to demonstrate how complex, connected and intelligent #fascia is. Watch the wave of force move up and down the cheetah's spine and how still her head is. This is while she's running at 50 mph!! Our body is made of the same stuff as the cat. 🐱
    #animalflow #primal #gait #wildnessontap #sturcturalintegration #wild #wildernessculture #fitness

  • rallieoutdoorsSuperb 👌 Keep exploring! We love the adventures!
  • etiennebulidon👍
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