Tap video for sound
  • nemomaticRadio dial cover + chart recorder scale + tooth belt and wheels + hand crank + LEDs. I think I've finally got enough of these components roughed out to start thinking about the composition of how they all fit together. Kinda nervous about that part. It's likely some pieces won't work out and will have to be put aside for future use.

  • nemomatic#art #sculpture #interactive #electronics #analog #workbench #wip #machinist
  • tyneworkshopHi Nemo, another fantastic bit of nonsense 😁👌👍 I was thinking if you had an installation with many such components that can be adjusted and set to various values, angles, numbers etc. You could have a manual of what all the settings have to be and test the public who come to view, the more settings the better, if everything is primed as the manual they get a green light any tiny fault in the set up they get a red light. Maybe have a donation to a charity to have a go ? Keep up the good work ☺👌👌👍 thanks Mick
  • atom_grayi'm going to eat your brain and gain your knowledge... 😉
  • worn_over_timeThe craftsmanship makes it look like the assemblage was meant to be. These objects have "found" a home. Can't wait to see the composition. w/t
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