I struck catastrophe. Inventive thinking o'clock. 
#stupidseweragepipes #sonowwhat
  • hannahringsI struck catastrophe. Inventive thinking o'clock.
    #stupidseweragepipes #sonowwhat

  • stafschmool📐Presumably you were going to pour some foundation in the hole....what age is the building & slab? Are pipes clay or plastic?
  • hannahrings@stafschmool the pipe isn't visible. It's really rough concrete down 600mm from@the finished floor height. The building is about 60's. I don't think it's foundation because of the way it's been left unfinished and it's not underneath both holes?! Ideas??
  • clarksusieWe recently had to bridge our poo pipes - can send drawings/pics if any use?!
  • hannahrings@clarksusie thanks so much but I think I sneaked it! Let's see after the sir-veyor visits?! I'll let you know.
  • clarksusieGood luck my dear! 👌💪
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