Dum da dum da dum 🎵 Inspectors General 🎵#oversight #transparency
  • gopoversightDum da dum da dum 🎵 Inspectors General 🎵#oversight #transparency

  • donnawalker56"Transparency" Yes, please!! We are expecting it. Kind of hard to see so far. Keeping the faith!
  • ahlettieriSo what is your plan with investigating the continued conflicts of interest on Donald Trump? Or are you still putting together another committee to investigate Hillary's emails?
  • semseattleStill eagerly awaiting Chairman Chaffetz' legislation to require examination and full disclosure of the President's physical and mental health. Or was that just another lie he told the Washington Post?
  • sullenaquarianThe next time Jason Chaffetz does the right thing will be the first time. He has no morals.
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