• iskraMade a vid about my own Transformation Tuesday 👆link in my bio👆 (the left is a pic from a couple months ago and the right is from 6/7 years ago)
    I wanted to share this pic because my transformation was so much more than weight & muscle gain. I went through a mental transformation too. ...
    People may assume that the pic on the right where I'm 3 dress sizes smaller that I was healthier. Because we are conditioned to believe it's a compliment when someone has lost weight or it's everyone's desire to "lose a few lbs". However I was obsessed to an unhealthy extreme and as you can see the image is HIGHLY photoshopped and all those years ago that's what I wanted. I thought the skinner I was the more "perfected" I was I'd be happier and a more successful model. Letting go of that pursuit of perfection was the best thing I ever did. And instead of wanting to change my body I started working on being the best version of myself from the inside out and that made me happier and more confident. ..
    Everyone's transformations look different and that's such a beautiful thing. Just always do it for YOU, and know YOU are good enough and worthy of feeling happy, healthy and confident. Look after yourself, practise self-care and let the real you shine. ..
    Hope you enjoy watching my video, I'd love you to share your transformations in the comments with me. Or let me know more videos you'd like me to make. Because my channel is for you, ILY all 😘 ..
    #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful

  • k6537🙈🙉🙊
  • ninahumpl@mariaalaa die hab ich gestern gemeint 😊
  • mariaalaa😅😅 @ninahumpl
  • dannique.g@chantellelaii
  • emilyybaileyyThis was what I was talking about @jordpena
  • _alee_mirandaDesde sus chiches para abajo @andrea_cm_
  • andrea_cm_@_alee_miranda mas bonita la musculosa :3 haha 💜
  • mish.stepI never knew you struggled with this! I thought you always just naturally had a perfectly curvy figure and had always been confident in that! Then I saw this reposted on @honeylovesorg This is such an inspiration, thank you for sharing!!🤗 You are so stunning and seem so much happier and healthier now!
  • shanvalentine_@ameliajcox
  • ameliajcox@shanvalentine_ you realise the left pic is her now yeah???
  • meganbrooke0317You are beyond beautiful and your body is AMAZING! I absolutely love you heart as well. Keep inspiring, gorgeous!
  • tombullettrainLeft side. all day, everyday!!
  • ggizxm@razexk
  • paigeelisabethmay@sammi.333 either one would suit me in Cyprus ;)
  • salltonaite@_patisaufaina_
  • _patisaufaina_@salltonaite gal man numirt kad gimciau grazesne....
  • salltonaite@_patisaufaina_ nu ka tu cia😂😂😂 tik norejau kad paskaitytum! as ja taip dievinu
  • ashleyy08_Sooooo much better now. Eff the haters!
  • jasmines241@eviegagan
  • emmaaa239@chloebradwell
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